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* 24x7 NEFT Service available. ** Highest interest rate available for senior citizen. *** Interest rate on savings account is 4.25%. **** Locker Services are available on lowest rates. ***** Facility for PMSBY, PMJJBY & Atal Pension Yojna is available. ****** Apex Bank's branches are CBS enabled.

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M.P.Rajya Sahakari Bank Mydt.(Apex Bank) is a premier organization providing long term, medium term and short term Agriculture finance in the state with help of NABARD through District Central Coop Banks and Primary Agriculture Credit Cooperatives Societies (PACCs)to farmers & different strata of the society in order to the fulfill their financial requirements. Apex Bank is operating with their 24 Branches in the state serving through the attractive Loan and deposit schemes.

Apex Bank is playing a pivotal in the field of providing rural finance in the M.P.State providing Agriculture/Non-Agriculture Loans and Advances with the help of NABARD under various schemes also offering commercial loans to customer under the Loan portfolio such as Consumer Loans. Housing Loan,Higher Education Loan, Project Loan, Vehicle Loan etc. 

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