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NPCI Chatbot :-

PAi Chatbot is an AI based platform that will help you to provide more information about digital payments and thus enables you to conduct digital transactions using NPCI's products like Bharat BillPay, UPI payments, RuPay Cards / RuPay Offers & RuPay Contactless, BHIM, NETC FASTag , NFS, * 99 #, BBPS, NACH, UPI, CTS, AePS, etc. PAi Chatbot is not for Operational Queries, but for Queries related to NPCI Products. Ask PAi Avatar will appear in the Right Bottom Corner of your screen with two Buttons (Minimize and Remove). On click on "Ask PAi", window will be opened with Chat Textbox, Speaker and Mic. You can access the information about NPCI Products in Hindi and English language at any time. Using this, you will also have the access to the verified information in Multimedia Format.

Features of Chatbot :-

1. Voice enabled : You can ask question by just speaking.

2. Multi-lingual : You can ask queries in English as well as in Hindi language. More vernacular languages will be added soon.

3. Scalable : Million of people can talk to PAi at the same time.

4. You get to know the verified content/answer of any specific query about NPCI products instead of going through the complete documentation.

5. Instant access to the available info (No wait time).

6. Instant access to RuPay Offers and UPI Offers.