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* 24x7 NEFT Service available. ** Highest interest rate available for senior citizen. *** Interest rate on savings account is 4.00%. **** Locker Services are available on lowest rates. ***** Facility for PMSBY, PMJJBY & Atal Pension Yojna is available. ****** Apex Bank's branches are CBS enabled.
Dear Customer, do not respond to any SMS or call asking you to click on links or share your personal details. Apex Bank never asks for details like your card number, card expiry date, CVV, PIN, OTP, password etc. Call on 1930 to report cyber fraud.

Bank Motive & Logo

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Our logo is in the shape of the first letter 'A' of APEX used in English, with a saffron colored ascending sign of progress at the top, decorated with earrings of wheat and barley. The above decoration underlines the contribution of Agriculture in the Cooperative Mission. This unique design reflects our traditional thinking and state-of-the-art initiatives for Agri-Prosperous prosperity. The colors contained in the logo also represent the ideology of the Cooperative Mission in Madhya Pradesh. On the one hand, while the saffron color gives a sense of indomitable spiritual energy, the green color symbolizes the natural harmony in the direction of development.