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Various type of Credit limits for agriculture purposes viz. ST {SAO} production credit,   Medium Term conversion Loan,   Fertilizers Cash Credit Limit etc. have been sanctioned to the District Central Cooperative Banks. During the year 2020-21 target of Rs.16000.00crores was fixed for disbursement of agricultural production loans by District Central Cooperative Banks, against which Rs.14877.56 crores were disbursed.

ST (SAO) Production Loan -

                        Different  lines  of  production  credit  limit under ST  (SAO)  are made available  to the DCCBs for financing agriculture purposes viz. credit limit for NMOOP, NFSM- Pulses NPDP,(DTP and other crops (OC)



A.  ST Credit Limit for Other Crops


            During the year 2020-21 total credit limit of Rs.6080.71 crore sanctioned for financing crops other than oilseed and pulses to DCCBs against which the DCCBs utilization stood at Rs.5546.56 crore.


 B.  Short term Credit limit for National Mission on oilseeds and oil palm programme(NMOOP)


            During the year 2020-21, under National Mission on Oil seeds and Oil Palm programme(NMOOP), total credit limit of Rs.3964.67 crore sanctioned to DCCBs against which the DCCBs utilization stood at Rs.3765.62 crore.


  C.  Short term Credit limit for National mission for security for food (NFSM)    


                 During the year 2020-21, under National Food Security Mission programme (NFSM) , total credit limit of Rs.107.20 crore sanctioned to DCCBs against which the DCCBs utilization stood at Rs.94.78 crore.


 D.   Short term Credit limit for Development of Tribal Population  (DTP)


           From the year 1995-96, Govt. of India had started special programme for development of tribal population. During the year 2020-21, under the above programme (DTP), total credit limit of Rs.1138.01 crore sanctioned to DCCBs against which the DCCBs utilization stood at Rs.987.05 crore.


Disbursement of loan for Small / Marginal Farmers


During the year 2020-21, an  amount of Rs. 7193.69 crores  was sanctioned  to small and marginal farmers of the State in short term agricultural production loan.


Fertilizers Cash Credit Limit


During the year  2020-21, Fertilizers  cash  credit  limit of Rs.101.50 crores was sanctioned to 13 DCCBs for the purchase of fertilizer from Marketing Federation and distribution of the same to the farmers through the Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative  Societies.  During the year 2020-21, the farmers were distributed 23.72 lakh Metric Tones of fertilizer through Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies.


 Agricultural Loan Disbursement      


During the year 2020-21 target of Rs.16000.00 crores was fixed for disbursement   for agriculture production loan through Primary Agricultural Credit Societies of the State. Year wise Progress of loan disbursement in Kharif and Rabi season through Primary Agricultural Credit Societies as under :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Rs. In Crores) 






Percentage Growth as compared to   2011-12


Disburse- ment


Disburse- ment


Disburse- ment




















Kisan Credit Card Yojana


With a view to facilitate  the  member farmers  Credit  card  scheme was introduced in 15 District which is now extended to all over the State through our District Central Co-operative Banks and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies. The year-wise progress in distribution of Kisan credit cards is as under:- 



Total number of KCCs

 issued since inception






             We are the major shareholders in the distribution of Kisan Credit Card of the State.  As on 31.03.2021, out of the total 6299769  KCC distributed of the State, our share is 3792408 which constitute 60.20 % of the total.


Short term crop loan at 0 % rate of  Interest :-


From the year 2012-13 as per the decision of the State Govt. famers in the state are being provided crop loan up to Rs. 3.00 lacs at 0 % interest rate to those who are regular in repaying the loan within the due date. For this purpose interest subvention of @ 6 % was being provided by the State Govt. till the year 2018-19. Interest  Subvention from the State Govt. is @5.50% for the year 2019-20 and @5.00% for the year 2020-21.


Interest Subvention from Central Govt. is @ 5% (2+3) in the year 2020-21.


Amount of Rs.236.18 Crores against Short Term Crop Loan and Rs.19.22 Crores against M.T. Conversion Loan towards interest Subvention has been received from State Govt. and made available to the primary agricultural credit societies of the State.


Loan entry on the land record portal


The Department of Revenue has made the provision of making the online entry of  crop loans and agricultural term loans by the District Co-operative Central Banks and their affiliated cooperative societies of their member farmers on the land record portal. Up-to 31.03.2021 entry of 14 thousand farmers have been completed.